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Home temperatures

Karen Randall, wrote:
"I can't tell you for sure that things wouldn't be even "better" with
substrate heat, but considering the fact that my tanks are successful
over the long run without cables, and the addition of cables would cost
me more money, both initally, and in terms of monthly electriciy costs,
I have yet to be convinced that it's something I need. "

Given my prior post re cables, I would like to add that Karen always
seems to make a sensible, persuasive case for whatever the subject she
has taken the time to remark on--experience, well expressed, is no
small reason.  While I have a tank inspired by George.  I have one
inspired by Karen.  As a hobbyist, I have a split personality. 
Unfortunately, I'm sure that neither of these two tanks of mine looks
as good as theirs.  But the experience (the activity and the learning)
is enjoyable.

Also, I was actually quoting James who quoted George who, at least
allegedly but not surprisingly, quoted Dupla.  I just think it's funny
to talk about plants having cold feet-especially since the metaphor, in
English, refers to rising doubts rather than raising plants.

Is it right to say that Karen has cold feet about substrate heaters?

Scott H.

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