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"Beam angles from LED fixtures are narrow. This may pose a problem with

uneven illumination in the tank. A typical figure seems to be around 
20 - 30 degrees. This corresponds to a 7 - 10 inch diameter spot at the

bottom of a 20 inch deep tank. "

But with the large number needed in a suitable array for a
tank--assuming very powerful white light LEDs could be gotten cheaply
-- the narrow beam would probably be just about right for most tanks. 
Or so I'd think since most tanks are less than 19" deep.  If a diffuser
or other lens mechanism was needed, that would probably consume a lot
of the precious lumens.

But even if all that was so, the decay issue (wow), coupled with cost
of lamp replacement (wow, wow) is a killer. . . for now, anyway.

Scott H.

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