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Special Defense Fund Offer

Hi Everyone,

James has contacted me and informed me that he wants to offer one 
package of Jobe's Plant Food Spikes for Ferns and Palms, shipped at 
his expense, to anyone who donates $1.00 or more to the defense fund. 
There are 50 packages available (one per donation), so quantities may 
be limited. If you've had a hard time finding these, this is a great 
way to feed the fund and your plants at the same time!

For details and special instructions about how to get yours, please 
visit http://www.plantedtank.com/jobes.htm.
This offer begins on 8/25/01. To inquire about availability, you may 
send an email to me at info at plantedtank_com (recommended).

Thank you James! This was very generous of you and further affirms 
that kindness and compassion for our fellow human beings still lives 

JoAnn VanDersarl

Please consider placing a Defense Fund banner on your web site. 
You'll find them at http://www.plantedtank.com/banners.htm
More are added daily.