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Re: White/deformed leaves

Your problem is a calcium deficiency for sure. I had similar issues, and over came it by simply adding garden lime available at any hardware store or home center. The archives/krib have great detail on dosing and frequency.

Many use dolomite or oyster shells or pharmaceutical CaCO3 or other home brews, but I like Epsoma's "Garden Lime" because it has many forms of calcium as well as magnesium to boot. 

Best of luck,
John Wheeler

<<Recently several of my plants have been doing things that have gotten me 
confused.  A couple of my plants including the valisneria and the hygrophila 
difformis have producing new leaves that are white.  The val leaves are 
almost completely white, while the hygro has white patches on the new green 
leaves.  The reason that this is confusing is that I fertilize with both a 
trace element mix as well as an iron supplement.  My two echinodorus bleheri 
plants are dark green, but the new leaves are kind of difformed and curled a 
little, but still just as large as the others. I just can't figure out what 
i'm doing wrong.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mike.>>