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PMDD with Flourish Trace

I am trying to make a batch of PMDD according to the recipe. I have
everything except the chelated trace mix. Does anybody know if i can use
the Seachem's "Flouish Trace" for the trace elements part of it. The
Guarantied analysis shows different percentages and other elements than
whats on the PMDD recipe. And if yes, how much to use as opposed to the
recipe. My plants are growing well but they seemed to have slowed down.
Algea is under control.Tank is 80g,  lights are 3 110watt VHO, Co2 is by
Carbo-Plus(Co2 by electrolysis), substrate is Flourite with medium fish
load. I am hoping to get to the next level of the plants with
faster/lusher growth. I appreciate some advice on this. Or where to get
Hans S