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Re: heating cables

Scott H wrote:
"If your manifold heater was equivalent to low wattage and the substrate
maintained temp differentials--then I guess my guess about threshold
levels was just wrong.  And I was so hoping that wouldn't happen again
for an hour or so."

My _guess_ would be that my old setup was closer to low wattage cables, I
don't know that for a fact. In reading about the two types of cables, it
seemed that the high wattage setup was capable of giving more of a
temperature differential (like 5 or 6 degrees as opposed to 2 or 3 degrees).
I used an Ebo Jager heater in the exterior heating chamber to heat the water
and those things don't get that hot before the thermostat shuts them off (at
least mine kept shutting off at around 90F and I couldn't get it adjusted
higher). There was probably a bit of heat generated from the friction of the
water moving through the manifold - I was using an Eheim pump capable of
1200 L/hr and I measured the flow thru the manifold - I lost 90% of the
rated flow to friction and back pressure. That energy had to go somewhere,
my guess is that it became heat.

"So when someone like George says, without trying to overstate his view,
that they have worked for him--that encourages me to give it a try."

Agreed. It was George's (and Karla's) articles in AFM and his many posts
here that got me interested in both Dupla and higher tech equipment in the
first place. While I might express caution regarding some of Dupla's claims,
I believe that everything they say is based on experimentation and
experience. Thousands of folks around the world follow their example and it
works for them, so it must have some validity.

I know for a fact that whenever I have contacted Dupla over the years with a
technical question, about part of their system or about aquatics in general,
they have done their best to give me a full and complete answer. If they
can't answer it, they pass it to someone who can. An example would be a
query I sent them regarding tannin levels in natural biotopes. The response
they obtained for me is archived on their web site. When a company like this
says something, I tend to believe them.

And George _never_ overstates his views.....he has the results to back his
views up and you can't argue with that.


James Purchase