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Re: Dupla....

Scott quoted part of Dupla's contention.....
"If the aquarium water is heated for example, by means of an immersion
heater, only the water becomes warm, while the substrate or gravel
remains at room temperature, thus turning black and foul with the
plants suffering from the notorious "cold feet". "

That might be true in a home without modern central heating, or where
heating costs are so high that people keep their thermostats set below 68F
during the winter to conserve fuel and $$$, but how true would it be in most
North American homes, especially if there is a layer of styrofoam under the
tank to provide insulation? I know that I start to squirm if the room temp.
goes much below 70F, regardless of the outside temperature or the time of

I don't know what was typical (as far as temperatures) in a German home at
the time The Optimum Aquarium was written - maybe they based it on their

James Purchase