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Re: 150 watt substrate heater cables


Given your last post on this subject--if you still have the mercury
thermometer, are you eager to test cables?  If you say, "yes" it might
even inspire George!  Even if it doesn't settle whether both types of
cable setups are beneficial--it might settle the convection issue.

When you did your temp checks, can you say if that was comparable to a
high wattage or low wattage electric cable.

I will make a guess that there is a threshold energy level that makes a
a big difference--below that level, the substrate radiates and
eventually becomes evenly heated.  But at some point, there is enough
local heating differential (from a higher energy cable) to generate
convection--then the convection would tend to keep the cooler substrate

One last musing:  If convection over the roots isn't beneficial, then
why do hydoponic tomatos look so good. :-)

Scott H.

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