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Clay balls

Hello everyone,

For the past 6 ~ 8 months (can't remmeber gotta check my log) I haven't
added any liquid fertilizer to my water column and only used clay balls in
the substrate (plain gravel) and my plants love the clay balls,  i've also
noticed there isn't any unwanted algae (except for some on the glass, green
spot i believe) growing in my tank, like thread or bba as i remember when i
had the same system except i dosed liquid fertilizer regularly, My question
is since everything is 'looking fine' (in my opinion) what would the effects
be if i started to add some liquid fertilizer or pmdd? (or should i just
stick to the concept if it ain't broke don't fix it) or just keep using clay
balls? I've had success in growing most plants, except for lilaopsis
(spelling error) I can't seem to get that stuff to grow, I've been told this
plants need harder water/less light etc.. not too sure,

As for my aquascaping, i'm slowing throwing out most of my plants and trying
to keep a 'few' species instead of the 'wild jungle' look, trying to stick
with 2~ 3 species of plants for aquscaping.

Any suggestions?

Raymond Wong
My Aquarium Site
(haven't got a chance to change webservers yet)