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Re: Substrate heating....the theory acording to Dupla.....

Following my earlier post, where I stated that we don't _know_ that the
theory behind substrate heating is in fact true, and should still be
considered conjecture (at least until someone actually does some controlled,
repeatable experiments to prove or disprove it), George Booth got in touch
with me and asked me to post the following, from the Dupla web site
(apparently, he can't post from work, only from home).

Since I think that George is famous enough, here is what he wanted you all
to see......

(From the Dupla website, http://www.dupla.com)

1. Tropical Warmth in the Substrate and in the Water
Heating the aquarium by means of an undergravel heating cable is a very
important pre-condition for an optimum aquarium. The heating cable in the
gravel of the aquarium integrates the entire substrate into the chemical and
physical cycle of the aquarium, by means of convection currents. If the
aquarium water is heated for example, by means of an immersion heater, only
the water becomes warm, while the substrate or gravel remains at room
temperature, thus turning black and foul with the plants suffering from the
notorious "cold feet". An undergravel heating system helps to simulate in
the aquarium, the ground water current that exists in natural waters.

A well composed aquarium substrate consists of a layer of 2-3 mm sized
quartz gravel, the lower part of it being a mixture of gravel and Duplarit G
<e009.htm>. Duplarit is a selected tropical laterite with high iron content.
This type of aquarium substrate provides the following advantages:
Nutritional material for plants is being activated in the substrate and
supplied to them through the plant roots leaves. Furthermore, oxygen is
brought into the substrate, thus keeping it in functional for a longer
period of time.

Moreover, low voltage heating with 24 volts, offers absolute safety for
people and fish, even if the heating cable is damaged.

Well, I guess that settles the matter <g>. Dupla says its so, who am I to

Errr, excuse me while I go count up all of my Duplarit
tablets.........1001....1002....1003.... oh darn! ......1......2......3.....


James Purchase