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T-8 / Power Compact lighting over open top tank Was:

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Thomas Barr wrote:

> Have you considered a hanging Power compact suspension? You can get them in
> the exact length also for the tank and they are 100% quiet. They have a bit
> different look but much of the same good issues are still kept.
> JBJ makes some real nice and Reasonably priced fully finished units.
> Otherwise you can come up with a DIY lighting box and A&H kits etc and hang
> it or place it on a rail to elevate it also.
> You'll be happy with that also. Less heat, problems, knocking, bulb issues,
> spill over.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr
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I know 'rules of thumbs' for lighting are not highly regarded by this
list, but are there any guide lines for determining light loss verses
distance from the water surface for an open top tank.

For example if I wanted an open top tank with the light enclosure 10
inches from the water surface.  How many T-8 bulbs would be required to
reasonably light the tank assuming a good reflector in the enclosure?


Alex Holeczy (alex at wmi_com)