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: Re: 150 watt substrate heater cables

George Booth wrote regarding high wattage vs low wattage substrate
heating cables:
"I have had setups with low heat density (100 watts in a 100 gallon
tank) and I had poor results. I can only conjecture that conductive vs
convective heating is the difference. I have no proof other than my

I've thought about doing some experiments. I even went so far as to
consult some mechanical engineers at work who had some background in
heat transfer. But, alas, useful experiments sounded like more work
than I wanted to do."

Thanks for the clarification (or confirmation).  Since the Dennerle and
Dupla models are essentially opposites regarding the convection issue,
it would be nice to see some hard data to help, er, clear the market. 
They can't both be right!  Or anyway, they can't both create optimum

I would think that measuring temperature differentials a few inches
apart in substrate, underwater, would require terrific precision and
perhaps an elaborate arrangement of tanks with different test and
control conditions.  Detecting and measuring convection, would seem to
be even harder to study.  While it would be very interesting to see
results from such work, it would indeed be a lot of trouble and work.

Scott H.

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