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Re: cables

> I have a spare 29g tank and a variac. I don't have spare cables but could
> build some from plain old wire. All I need is the incentive and time.

I did this on my home built 20 gallon/cable set up. I was comparing the
RFUG's (hi flow) vs the low flow cables. Not so much the flow rates
themselves. Not many studies have ever been done on this much more than one
or two case studies on tanks and observations by hobbyist. I had the cables
on/off for 15imin intervals with basic 2-3mm sand laterite mix at 4 inch
depth and 2 watts a gallon/CO2. I was very pleased with the Cables. I was
also confused why the RFUG did well also. I will say that the cables did do
better but where subjected to dead spots were as the RFUG had never ever had
them in any tank I ever set up. Only cables had nasty black ooy gooy H2S
stanking stuff. 

BUT I know why, the spacing issue is VERY/extremely important IMO. These
affect the currents.

That's why I feel the Dupla cables are the better ones if you going to do
this. Also consistent heating relative to the ambient temps.

 It's hard to say one way or another what's doing what here. Bacteria,
currents, adding water column nutrients to the substrate by slow
movement?(why not just do that from the start and not mess with it at all?).
I may go back later and take another long look at this.

> I
> could be famous!

Too late, you already are. You could get named on a lawsuit if you wish:)
Whoops that's "in"famous:)
Tom Barr
> George Booth