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Abt Echinodorus propagation

I know they propagate thru flower stalks, runners, splitting at the crown, but I've just discovered another method of
propagation, wonder if anyone has any knowledge on this?

I've neglected my 4 ft planted tank for mths, the saggitarias became an infestation and took over the whole tank. All
of my echinodorus species melted away, much to my amazement as I thought they were hardy plants!

Then I got rid of all the saggitarias and started to replant my 4 ft tank. The place where the echinodorus 'Oriental'
used to stand, began to sprout three plantlets fr the substrate, and when they became sizeable, I thought I'd remove
them and replant them to avoid over crowding. When I pulled them up, I saw them being attached to a tuber like growth.
I managed to separate the plantlets fr the tuber, replanted them and left the tuber exposed in the water. This time
round, I began to see another 3 plantlets developing from the tuber like object, and one of the original plantlet has
given rise to a flower stalk!

However, all the other echis sp. that melted did not regenerate though.

I've also finally found a way to contribute to the defense funds, I'll be passing some of the plantlets to Loh Quek
Leong here, as I know he's looking for plants or an auction for the defense funds.