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Re: Re: Liquid CO2

>>James wrote that "compressed gas is the most economical and easiest long
term solution toadding carbon to an aquarium". How about simply using
peat in the substrate? cheap and easy! As it decomposes, it will provide
carbon too. I believe that Diana Walstad has a lot to say about natural
C sources in her book, "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium<<

Thats funny because I was just in a discussion about this very thing with
Tom Barr and MarkieMark in RK aquaria, who both said that plants can only
utilize this form of CO2 if no other form is available, and will strip the
KH before using CO2 from sediment. It was also stated that the amount of CO2
is so miniscual that it doesnt account for very much. Do you agree with this

Robert Paul H