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Re: Monster Hair Algae

> From: jgarden2000 at juno_com:
> Looking at some old posts, I'm coming to conclude that some species of
> barb might be an option. (I think plecos would make snacks out of my
> plants!) So, what species would be best?

I've heard gold barbs love the fine, long, green hair algae. They get to
about 4" or so (although I only ever see small ones in my LFS.) If you're
talking about the more coarse beardy stuff I haven't found a fish that will
make a dent in it, including SAEs.

I hear ya regarding the bleach. I did a total bleachdown due to that stuff a
couple years ago and up until 2 months ago I had a beautiful thriving
low-light tank with only my beloved soft green algaes. Bought a couple new
plants and didn't bleach them and I now have a fine collection of all my
favorites, the 'fur' (oedogonium?), staghorn on the glass, beardy stuff all
over the javas, and black brush creepy crawling its way all over everything.
I can't stand it. I can't deal with it. So I am preparing for a bleaching
fiesta next month -- I am currently fishless cycling the 'holding tank' as
well as filter media and substrate for the main tank so I can kickstart a
fishless cycle in there once it's clean. The fish are apprehensive but
trusting my judgement as usual :) The java ferns are almost too big for my
buckets so I'm not sure HOW I'm going to bleach them but it should be