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Fw: Dupla or Dennerle substrate heater cables?

With all the talk about substrate heating on the list and after reading
George Booth's article on subtrate heating, I am considering to buy a
substrate heating cable for my new 240 l tank.

As I live in Europe, I can buy either the Dupla heating cable or the
substrate heater of Dennerle.

Does anyone know which of the two heaters has the best performances?

If I choose the Dupla cables, I will probably need the Duplaflex 300 (100
Watts) which has 7 meters of cable. This should be enough length to cover
the substrate of my tank (respecting the specified distances between the
cables). My tank is 120 cm (L) by 40 cm (W).

However, if I choose the Dennerle cables, I will have to take the Dennerle
substrate heater of 75 Watt which has 7,5 m of heating cable. The 100 Watt
heater has a cable length of 9 m, which - I think - is too much for my tank.
But I wonder: does the 75 Watt Dennerle substrate heater have enough wattage
to create those micro currents or should go with the 100 Watts anyway? How
much Watt does one need to provide the proper amount of heat to the
substrate to generate the micro currents?

Looking forward to your replies...

Davy Cleys
Belgium (Europe)