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Monster air algae

>OK, Otos are not good at eating hair algae. The question is, what is?
Looking at some old posts, I'm coming to conclude that some species of
barb might be an option. (I think plecos would make snacks out of my
plants!) So, what species would be best?<

When I was setting up my 150g tank, the first creatures to go in there were
two beautiful male Jordanella floridae (American Flag Killies) and twenty
"Amano Shrimp". For several weeks, I did not feed any fish food and the
Killies just kept the place spotless. Once the algae was under control I
have slowly added other fish and have started to feed them fish food. If the
infestation is a heavy one, try and manually remove as much of it as
possible first, to give the fish a head start. YMMV.

Good Luck,

Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

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