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Re: Metal Halide lighting questions

Bill was asking about glare problems from suspended MH lights. For a few
years, I used 3 175W Coralife pendants over the 6' tank in my living room.
There isn't anything nicer than the "look" of an open topped tank but you
have to  be aware of the "spill" factor. In my particular case, in order to
sit in some areas of the living room when the aquarium lights were on, you
needed sunglasses. The problem could have been solved with a dark acrylic
shield hung from the ceiling to block the glare, but I just never got around
to it - I rearranged the furniture to  put the aquarium behind people's
back's - not the ideal solution. I think that if you were custom designing a
fixture for MH lights you could do it so that the glare and the spill over
wasn't such a problem. Since I switched over to compact fluroescent tubes in
an enclosed hood, the aquarium "fits  in" much better and glare is no longer
an issue.

As for visits from the police.......check the archives....my story is

James Purchase