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re: Monster Hair Algae

>OK, Otos are not good at eating hair algae. The question is, what is?
>Looking at some old posts, I'm coming to conclude that some species of
>barb might be an option. (I think plecos would make snacks out of my
>plants!) So, what species would be best?
>Currently the 40-gallon only has a platy in it, which I can get rid of if
>the barbs are *incompatable* with it. However, in the future I was
>thinking about a red-tail shark, some cories, and perhaps some species of
>dwarf cichlid or other, so it needs to be something "compatable" with
>them. Any ideas? Rosy barbs, perhaps?

Get yourself some American Flagfish AKA Florida Flagfish.  These fish can't 
be beat in going after "monster" hair algae.  You already said you can't get 
the shrimp?  Pity.  They are also a good second choice.  I keep my flags 
with corys, sharks, barbs and guppies.  No problems.  I love to watch their 
little antics.

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