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An email I would die for (could be off-topic, sorry)

At 4:17 AM +0800 8/22/01, someone wrote:
>Dear Kwek Leong,
>I received the gorgeous Narrow Leaf Java Fern you sent and I must say, this
>plant looks even better in person than in pictures. It arrived in absolutely
>perfect shape too, without so much as a mark on it's beautiful little leaves.
>The excellent condition of these plants is a testament not only to your
>skillful cultivation techniques but also to the thought and effort you took
>in shipping them in carefully sealed packaging and the bubble wrap envelope
>you went to all the trouble of providing.
>How can I possibly thank you enough?
>In the years to come when, with any luck, the branch I planted them on has
>grown into a leaf filled tree, I will take great personal delight, not only
>in the beauty this fern lends to my tanks and my home - but also in fielding
>the many questions and compliments I will no doubt receive on it's unique
>look. I can then tell people here the fascinating story behind it, and of my
>generous friend in far-off Singapore whose kindness forged such beauty into a
>weapon against inequity.
>Thank you, thank you my friend.  Words are inadequate to express my gratitude.
>May you live long and prosper always.



You know, folks, I have been receiving many nice emails ever since I started
sending off my Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf Java Ferns to the subscribers
here.  But the one above is sooooooooo nice I have to share it with you all.

Keep those requests coming.  I'm on number 80 now, might as well shoot for a

Loh K L