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Re: Pros and cons of acrylic tanks

I've never had an acrylic tank of any size, so I don't know how easy they
are to scratch, but don't get the idea that glass tanks cannot get scratched
as well - I have a lot of tanks and most of them have scratches on the
glass. Maybe I'm just too darned agressive when it comes to scrubbing the
interior surfaces (mainly the front pane) sometimes - I've used razor
blades, old credit cards, Kent's plastic bladed scraper, nylon pot
scourers....they all can inflict damage if you aren't really careful. The
worst damage (aside from getting a piece of gravel caught and causing a
gouge) seems to be those cheap nylon scouring pads - the scratches are very
fine and only show up as a "haze" at certain angles but once they are there,
they are there for life.

James Purchase