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CF Llighting with IceCap Ballast

Did not see this on the mail list so I resent it, sorry if this comes up twice.

I will be building a DYI lighting fixture for my 75 gal fully planted tank. 
The system will consist of an IceCap 660 ballast and 4 X 96 watt CF (6700k)
lamps.  Here is where this list may help: 

The sockets are four pins in a square (GY10-Q? - correct number at
www.ahsupply.com under bulbs).  On IceCap's website (www.icecapinc.com) they
only have a diagram for the four pins in a row.  Does anyone have a wiring
diagram for this setup, ie four bulbs and these sockets? 

I know this is quite a lot of lighting for a 75 gal system, but would like to
try some more difficult to cultivate plants.   

To Dave Gromberg - Received two CO2 systems from you a while back, they work
great and was the best investment I made since planting my tanks. 

Please e-mail directly if you wish with a wiring diagram. 


Paul V