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A couple of questions....about Dupla availibilty and MH vs Flourescents..

1) Any Canadian stores (mail order) selling Dupla fertilizers?? or if they
are located in    Vancouver, BC.

2) I am resetting my 60"H by 20"H by 18"W tank up again....( a bit
slow...moved 07/01)
     pondering light sources..

        At the moment I have 5ft long hood that sits about 8" off the tank
by side supports.
        It holds 6, 48" full specturm 40W flourescents, staggered. I
generally replace the
        tubes every 6 months.

        I am curious about the economics of running a MH setup over this
tank. One I noticed
        is that a 5' tank is a odd size for lighting. I also like the idea
of pendant lighting since
        I have plants growing in and out of the tank. My philodedrum grows
all over includ -
        ing the light box.

        I have read a heap but was hoping to get some personal/informed
opinions on :

        1) Cost of setup for MH ( 2-3 lights for 5ft)
        2) On going costs... bulb replacement period
        3) Quality of equipment
        4) general annoying things about MH that nobodies tell you about.

        Since I own a Dupla equipped tank (Hey, I bought from Albert Theil
when he was
        on the East Coast... and I don't want to say how much I paid for
5gal of dupla
        bioballs...sheesh!), money is not the prime factor in this  ;P)

        Or if you can point me to articles....

        Thanks for any help... much appreciated.

         (my plants are surviving outside in a old tank in 1" of soil and
leftover dupla
         substrate and water up to the top of the soil. I have the top
covered with plastic.
         Crypts, sword, anubias, java fern, etc, growing well emersed (high
humidity). I
          wonder if the crypts will flower?)


Bill Lynn