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150 watt substrate heater cables

If you want these for planted tanks, go the whatever size smaller you
can find--less heat is beter to ensure that the heater remains on most
of the time--only slight heat is needed to generate convection.  If
these are just for tank heat generally, you can go the next size up
that you can find--it's not too critical if you have a thermostat.

Of you can mix and match a 100 Watt and a 50 Watt, or 3 fifty watts. 
If these are plugged into a 110 volt outlet, that's equivalent to a
parallel hookup and the wattage is additve.

Or, if cost is not a problem (and it apparently isn't if you're
considering buying a substrate heater), you can connect two 300 watt
heaters in series, which will halve the total wattage.

Scott H.

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