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Re: Pond Liner leaking

> A little off topic (but I DO have plants in the 
> pond!), but does anyone have a good method for 
> finding a leak in a pond liner?

Are you certain that the liner is leaking?  Before
suspecting that, I'd eliminate other causes of water
loss.  If you have a waterfall or fountain, check that
first.  Depending on the amount of splashing you have,
the water loss might just be evaporation from the
waterfall.  Or, the location where the outfall crosses
the pond liner might not provide enough clearance,
allowing water to leak back behind the waterfall or

Water is also lost through transpiration.  You'd be
surprised how much water large vascular plants can
move!  If your pond is heavily planted, this is a
likely source of water loss.

Surface evaporation causes water to 'disappear' as
well.  Generally speaking, the deeper the pond the
cooler the water and the less evaporation you should
see.  The amount of sunlight it receives also affects
the rate of water loss.  

I am certain that there are no leaks in my pond liner,
but on a hot summer day I can easily lose an inch of
water just through these processes.

Depending on the location of the pond and the water
surface elevation, you might be able to determine the
approximate location of a liner leak by inspecting the
soil nearby.  Constantly wet soil nearby is a dead

If you're sure you have a leak in the liner, one way
to find it is to allow the water to leak out, until
the hole is exposed.  Carefully inspect the liner at
the water surface each day.  Use a towel or rag to
wipe algae and scum off of the liner.  There's always
a risk that the hole is at the very bottom.  In that
case you'll have to drain the pond...

Liner repair kits are available at home improvement
warehouse joints, or large pet shop chain outlets that
include pond supplies.

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