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150 watt substrate heater cables


Hawaiian Marine http://www.hawaiianmarine.com/ has the Dupla cables.  The
150 watts are the Duplaflex 500's.  You will need a transformer to utilize
them.  You can DIY for the transformer or buy theirs.  I have been quite
pleased with both products.  I also bought an Aqualogic temperature
controller.  I think it was from Aquatic Ecosystems but I would have to
check.  It was about $80.  Considering how hot it gets here in GA, it was a
great purchase.  It determines when to have them on/off and maximizes the
usage. Cal is the rep there, great guy, and they were wonderful when UPS
decided to throw my delivery right off the plane onto my front porch!!
Luckily, the hard bricks broke the packages fall!!

I think? that Pet Warehouse and Aq. Landscapes have the same cables.
Monolith has a different brand and was going to carry a new line but I don't
know if they are here yet.

My understanding (which could certainly be wrong) is the Pet Warehouse (no
S), M3, and Aq. Landscapes only turn on at a preset temp if you buy a
controller.  Otherwise, they run continuously just like the Dupla's.  I
don't know of one that has the controller built in.   Unless you live in
Antarctica :),  you may not be able to have them on constantly.  They will
heat the tank up.  Mine stay on all night and into the morning but are off
during the day for the most part.  It will be interesting to see how much
they are on this winter.

Little tidbit.  If you have a deep tank and a tall stand to accommodate CO2,
unless you are really tall, put the cables in on the floor, then lift the
tank onto the stand.  I had to stand on my head to do it!  Hard to install
the suckers when everything is spinning!

There is a healthy beating of this in the archives, including the whole
high/low voltage argument, insulation, etc.  George Booth, who "talked" me
into the Dupla's has a great discussion of this on his website as well.

Daphne who WILL turn off the MH to work on the back corner of the tank from
now on.