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PMDD for low KH and GH

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if anyone had any revised PMDD recipes they use on RO or very soft water out of the tap. I think my tap water is usually less than 1 degree GH and KH (hard to see on these kits i use) and at most 2 degrees.

Should i be adding some other ingredients to the mix? Also, is it just as safe to add KCl as K2SO4 (which is quite expensive here, and i use quite a lot)..

Thanks, and if anyone has any practical experience with mixes and dosages of their PMDD mix i would love tohear it:)


P.S. I dont mail the AP list very often, but read it all the time. It would be good to add the mailto:aquatic-plants at actwin_com to the end of the APD so that infrequent mailers can find the address more easily? Just a suggestion, great list anyway!:)

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