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Northwest Killies and Plants

Dear all,

"Northwest Killies" is putting on their first show in conjunction with the
G.P.A.S this coming September 28th, 29th and 30th. As a side-bar to the
festivities, I am planning a "mini-exhibit" of what I call "Natural Setups"
for raising killies. This approach uses thickly planted tanks to provide a
suitably beautiful home for Killies (and others) to breed in. I will have a
couple of tanks setup to show this "system" off to people and will offer
selected spp. of plants in the auction that I have found to be best suited
for this.

If you plan to be in the Northwest region during that weekend, be sure to
route your trip through Portland, Oregon. Al Castro will be speaking on
South American annual fish, and the auction at the end to a HUGE event!!!
(Last years auction took nearly six hours to complete.)

For further info:

btpmsi at yahoo_com

See you there!!

Northwest Killies
Brian Perkins, President
West Linn, OR

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