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Re: Liquid CO2

At 03:48 AM 8/19/01 -0400, Shireen asked:
>I've noticed a product called liquid CO2 at a couple of reputable LFSs.
>What the heck is it? It sounds too good to be true ....

I have seen this product on Aquabid too.  When you look at the economics, 
it is no blessing.

A compressed CO2 system is about  $170-220 down and $.25-2.00 to operate 
(depending on number and size of aquariums).

The "Liquid CO2" has many times the operating costs and would cost more 
(total) before a year was out.

I decided that made me not interested.   It fits for me right in with 
Carbo-Plus and such other solutions, even if they ARE true, they cost a lot 
more.   And they MIGHT not work in any given setting.

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