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Re: too much light?.......

Damian & Jenine

Try it, and let us know......If that was my only tank, I guess I might be a little hesitant, but part of the fun of this thing we do is trying *stuff*. 

It won't work (probably) with yeast CO2, and all of your green plants will start to turn, and stay, red. Your fish will soon resort to hiding under the gravel, and you'll also have to build an automated blast shield for when the thing turns on! hehe...

Seriously, though, give it a shot and let us know. 12 watts/gal is close to the wattage Amano uses on his smallest tanks. You could also play with height of the fixture from the top of the aquarium if it is too much.

Good luck,
John Wheeler

P.S. I just bought some new tubes for a 10 gal w/ old bulbs. I usually buy GE Sunshine($6.49US), which I *really* like. BUT, the Phillips cool white were much less expensive ($2.97US) so I decided to check them out. I'll be switching to those from here on out. The color I like better, and also, they appear brighter to me (not the plants, of course;).