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Ideas for plants for the auction.

Hi everyone,
A fellow APDer (Loh) is going to send me some plants to me for the auction to 
benefit the Fund. He wanted suggestions for plants not readily available in 
the US, but available to him locally (Singapore, I think). He suggested, 
besides Christmas moss and narrow leaf J. Fern, Micranthemum micranthemoides 
and Riccia fluitans. I told him these are fairly easy to come by, at least in 
my area.

I need some help on this. He will read the posts anyone sends to the list, so 
if you will, any suggestions are appreciated. I'd like to cart a bunch of his 
stuff to the auction to sell for the Fund. We have been getting some unusual 
plants in my area of Atlanta recently, so I'll buy some to bring up to the 
auction also.