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Re: Macradra and cheese

> From: "Jeff Bodin" <bodin1 at gte_net>
> Subject: Macrandra Dilemmas...
> It seems as though there are many people who wish to grow this
> plant. A few
> have asked recently with little reply ([Redacted]
...but let's remember to answer the plant questions
> too).

> Mountains of CO2, Light and Macro/micro nutrients are not
> cutting it for
> most of us. And yet many are successful.

Worked for me. And it's worked for others I know that try a few
different approaches some being leaner.
> Since I too am having difficulty in growing this plant, and
> the only success
> I see in the archives/Krib seem to be Karen who uses pots to
> get it to grow,

It's done very well for me. It's a pruning problem actually.

> and a few people who get lucky waving the chicken over the
> pot, 

It's not luck. It's repeatable.

> What are your tank conditions:
> Lighting - PC's, NO FL's, Halogen lights. Never tried it under
> Temp - 76-86F
> pH - 6.6 to 7.2 depending on KH
> KH - 5 to 8
> Ca (ppm)- Doesn't matter as long as there's enough(above 3 GH)
> Mg (ppm)- See Ca
> Cl (ppm)- Never bothered, should not be an issue worry about
other things.
> Fe (ppm)- rather high 1.0ppm of Fe via TMG or Flourish.

> additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...)?

Lots of K, Needs some NO3 but not a lot. Some folks do well with
it in higher NO3 but tends to be greener as a result. Oh yea, I
add PO4's.....

> Substrate/additives/cables...

Plain gravel, RFUG's, Flourite, more water column dosing. It did
best in a 6700K PC tank high light with good current, good semi
lean NO3 with high PO4's, flourite, high Fe, low fish load.
> Anything else you can think of...

Worry about your macro's more. Flourite solve any remaining
problems I had with a particular species of plant also.

Both Neil and Karen did well with the pot method(s). Disgusing
the pot with other plants, corking it over and adding plants to
the cork etc can make a movable plant that doesn't look
It really is not a bad method. I did it with coconut shells in
the past. Be careful replanting.

Tom Barr

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