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Re: needle valves

> Subject: Re: needle valves
> I spent over a month looking for a needle valve that had
> better control than 
> my Nupro M. 

Uhhh, why? I think it's well proven that folks can do just fine
with a simple 19$ valve. Nupro is very good also. We've got some
running from  heck....I lost count but it's got to be 6-7 or
more years ago. I've never seen any problems with this or the
19$ Clippard's sold by Ed at Monolith Marine. What's your beef
with them?

> After a global search I found Porter Instruments
> in Hatfield PA. 
> The valve model "0" requires full turns to get from one bubble
> to two and can 
> meter to off. 
>$95 1/8" female pipe thread. Replacement parts
> available etc. 
> The wide range of resolution and silky smooth action of the
> valve is 
> enjoyable to set. The high quality is very satisfying.
> Bruce in NJ

So for the cost of a reg and needle valve and some tank you got
a needle valve? I'm sorry but no body needs a 30$+ valve. This
is overkill. I've used too many and having them all running just
fine. Never any complaints here. You do not need such accurate
resolution for plant tanks.  

Comments on ARO's, they are not decent and they vary in flow to
the point of lots of fiddling. They are plastic and have high
thermal expansions unlike metal so metal have much more stable
flow rates. The cost between a Clippard and an ARO is about 8$,
that's a good 8$ spent IMO. 95$
Tom Barr

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