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<Shireen wrote:
One idea I had for deep background terracing is to use
4-sided plexiglass compartments, to rest the
compartment on a thin layer of substrate so roots
could spread out, but use the walls to maintain the
structure of the terrace. And since the
plexiglass would be transparent, I could get away with
exposing some of it. The compartments could be
constructed to various shapes, heights, and sizes to
give the tank a natural look.>

I am wondering if anyone has ever used those plastic
storage boxes for shoes...they are the size of a
shoebox and clear.  Maybe for larger tanks?  Maybe any
plastic container that allowed adequate room for roots
would work.  A lot of plants in ponds are kept in pots
so if we used clear pots and put bushes in front or
driftwood, etc. it would be enough to cover the pots.

I missed a few issues and am wondering if anyone has
done this?  Would it be safe in the water as far as
being inert is concerned?

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