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Re: Re: Algae, Excel and Economists

 I do believe that the algae probably was reduced,
because I have better plant growth.
 I am just having a hard time figuring out some past
statements by Greg (maybe I'm just slow).  
 I guess he just can't come out to say some things
because of government restrictions.Maybe someone could
help me understand what these following statements
might mean.

   " Can algae feed on Excel?
No.  I'm sure this may raise a few eyebrows ;-)since
at face value this would be a reasonable expectation. 
But, for reasons Uncle Sam won't let us discuss, all I
can say is that algae can't feed on Excel and I will
leave it as an exercise to the reader to deduce why
this is the case (big picture folks, no chemistry
involved ;-).


1) It's use by algae and bacteria should not be a

2) It is very important that the  user heed the rather
bold warning on the label to _not overdose_ the
product (yes there is a safety margin built in).

3)I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure
out why statement 2 explains statement 1. ;-)


Thanks for your help

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