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Re: Opinions on substrate and fertilizer choice

Arthur, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts....

Regarding the possibility of you marketing dilute EDTA, you might want to
check "The Complete Book of Aquarium Plants" by Allgayer and Teton (again,
sadly out of print, but a good libray might have a copy) - they have some
discussion of chelators (pages 43-45) which indicate that an excess can be
just as bad as a lack of them. If there is a lot of free, unbound EDTA in
the water, it can actually suck the nutirents right out of the plants. You
wouldn't want to do that. Greg Morin has also shared some information on
this topic, it should be in the archives.

"But probably the biggest barrier to Dupla products is expense."

I guess the same could be said about ADA products, or Eheim filters, or
Rolex watches, or Hawaiian vacations......<g>. It _can_ be an expensive
hobby, but it doesn't have to be. To borrow a phrase...."don't hate me
'cause I'm rich...." (I'm not.....but it is a good line....<g>).

"Based on experiments in rats, if you were to decrease
your calorie intake by 10%, you would probably live a
few extra years."

Hey, I'm not a rat! <g>

"Dosing to deficiency can be important in setting up a
rational system of fertilization."

Very true - this is how they determined what elements plants actually need
to grow in the first place.

James Purchase