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Re: A few questions

Chris Simmons asked for some advice.

Chris, from your tank's description, it sounds like you have an undergravel
filter in the tank in addition to the 2 Whisper power filters. Is that
correct? Are you injecting the CO2 from your yeast reactor into the
substrate? It is quite possible to use a powerhead to inject the CO2 (the
impeller will break up the gas bubbles and mix them with the water), but you
should'nt inject the CO2 under the substrate - you don't need to get a high
concentration of CO2 in the substrate - you want it in the water column. If
I've misread what you wrote, I apologize.

You also said that you use water which has been treated by a household water
softener. Most (if not all) household water softeners work on the principal
of ion exchange and they add Sodium to the water in place of the Calcium and
Magnesium which they remove. Too much Sodium is not good for plants and they
do need some Calcium and Magnesium as both are essential plant nutrients. It
is usually a better idea to draw your tank's water from a tap which is
plumbed into your water system before your water softener. Do you know the
water parameters of your source water (i.e. before it hits the water

James Purchase