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Re: Opinions on substrate and fertilizer choice

Hi Davy,

I see no great problems with your proposal to use Dupla laterite
together with either the Dupla fertilizers or with Tropica Mastergrow.
The only possible gotcha might be to ensure that you have enough Calcium
in your tap water.

As an alternative to the low mess laterite approach, you could also
consider using clay balls or clay balls with fertilizer inside them. My
website contains instructions about how to prepare them and a link to a
site which sells the materials for making clay fertilizer pellets.
There's also a new CO2 reactor available from the plant guild that I've
been testing. Its quite efficient! see:

As a low cost alternative to TMG or Dupla fertilizers, you can also
consider using PMDD (visit the Krib) or my adaptation of it on my
website. Our Vancouver water is soft so we need to also add Calcium.
It's probably not a concern for those whose water comes from a river or
underground source not in the temperate rain forest of the West coast.
Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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