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A Few Questions

I currently have a 55 gal tank that has been set up for a few years.  About
a week ago, I did a complete cleaning of the tank and I have begun to add
numerous live plants.  I am looking to go with a well planted tank, as I
purchase more and the existing plants grow in.  Here are the specs of the

Size: 55 gallon

Lighting: 2 shop lights each containing 2 40 watt GE aquarium plant bulbs
totaling 160 watts

Filters:  1 Whisper 3 power filter, 1 Whisper 2 power filter.  There is one
on the left side of the tank and there is one on the right side of the tank.
Both are set to the lowest setting.

Fertilization:  PMDD with a dosage of 1\2 ML per day, and one 2 liter DIY
Yeast setup.  The bubbles are injected into the bottom of a uplift tube that
is connected to a powerhead.  The outflow of the powerhead is sent down
another uplift tube via a reverse flow adaptor.  The outflow is forced
through sponges contained in the uplift tube.  The bottom of that uplift
tube contains the top have of an undergravel filter to direct the water flow
across the bottom of the tank.  Did you follow that???

My first question is do you think I am adding enough CO2 to the tank?
Everyone else's tanks that I have seen online seem to be using 2 or more 2
liter bottles of DIY CO2.  My PH came out at 7.6 but I think this is WAY
off.  We have soft water from the tap, due to the fact we run a water
softener and this is the water I use in my tank.  Plus the test kit is over
1 year old, so I am thinking that the solution may be bad.

My second question is how many SAE do you recommend for this size tank?  A
friend of mine is going to a aquarium shop in Buffalo tomorrow and they
carry SAE.  I can't find these fish anywhere around here so I asked him to
pick me up some.  Not realizing that these fish can get 6" long (I thought
they were the size of Otos), I asked him to pick me up 15 of them.  I am
still thinking of letting him pick me up the 15, letting them grow in my
tank and then selling them to a local fish store since they are rare to find
around here in Erie, PA.

Any and all comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Chris Simmons