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Re: Opinions on substrate and fertilizer choice

>>Correct, they complement each other. The tablets add
trace elements that are stable for a longer term
(i.e., two weeks) or can be addded in larger amounts
and are not toxic to fish<<

Why does Duplaplant 24 last longer than any other
fertilizer?  Because it has a different chelator?  And
what chelator would that be?

>>It literally takes 10 seconds to add a few Dupla
drops (it comes in a very nice dropper bottle). If you
see this as an onerous, time-consuming chore, you
might rethink the hobby in general.<<

I have this product and I forget to add it all the
time.  Or rather, I only add it once in a while, when
I happen to spot it next to my tank.

>>Compared to other fertilizers, Dupla is actually
less expensive per dose than any others (at least,
those that are worthwhile). That means cheaper

First of all, do we even know what is in Duplaplant
24?  It says that it is not meant to be a "base
fertilizer."  Only that it complements the "Duplaplant
base fertilizer."  I'm not sure what the base
fertilizer is?  Are those the tablets, or another

>> > And, finally... If I decide to use Tropica
> (with the laterite substrate), should I still add
> Duplaplant TABLETS together with the Tropica

>>No - pick a complete product and don't mix and

Frankly I'm a little puzzled at this suggestion. 
Dupla, as far as I know, doesn't even tell us what the
contents are.  Whereas TMG and Flourish do, right?  I
myself dose with all three.  TMG, Flourish, and
Duplaplant.  But mostly I use TMG (because I was given
a supply of it and the Duplaplant24).  To extend the
fish feeding analogy, why not vary your plants diet? 
The shortcomings of one fertilizer may be compensated
by another.

In my experience, Flourish is a more concentrated and
therefore cheaper product with results at least as
good as TMG.  In fact I think I dose 2-3 times as much
TMG as Flourish to get the same results.

For me, adding Duplaplant is a bit akin to voodoo,
since I don't even know what is in it.  I am somewhat
skeptical that 3 drops a day really does much.  But
having said that some friends of mine gave a client
Duplaplant 24 to add every day (in addition to weekly
or biweekly TMG) and saw improvement in plant

I've mentioned this before--I dose to deficiency. 
Plants showing signs of micro deficiencies?  Add some
TMG.  It works for me.  And it is rational.  Or at
least it feels that way.  :)


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