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Re: aquaticplantdepot.com

I visited the site, and noticed a couple of problems which bring up some
concern....  Besides the fact that the page contains a number of gramatical
and spelling errors (They will make you life more pleasurable), the english
seems overall awkward.  A number of the photos are wrong -- that doesn't
look a thing like Bolbitis to me. . . . :)  Information on the plants isn't
given....  I have two wholesalers whom I order from, both of which sell
"Small Amazon Swords."  One is about three quarters the price of the other.
The small amazons from the cheaper place are seldom more than an inch and a
half high.  The others are often as tall as four inches.  My customers won't
bat an eye at the "baby amazons," no matter how many I rubber-band together.

Regardless, I'm going to throw them a personal order, and see how they do.

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> Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 08:52:26 -0400
> From: "Baker, Anthony" <anthony_baker at merck_com>
> Subject: Tall E. tenellus, aquaticplantdepot.com and other questions
> I just received my order from aquaticplantdepot and was impressed by the
> order from the outset.  Communication was great and I was able to add
> several plants to my order after I had placed it.  I was emailed the
> tracking number as well.  The shipping and box charge were cheap (compared
> to azagardens) and the stryo box excellent.  The only problem was I
> more potted glosso than I had expected, but it was in great shape.  I will
> definitely order from them again.
> Anyhow, the problem is, the dozen E. tenellus I received are very tall --
> about 8 inches with most of it being petiole.  I assume they were grown
> emmersed because most of them had the arial flower stems/buds still
> attached.  Is this normal?  Will they "shrink" to normal size once they
> out new leaves?  Do I need to do anything special to them?
> Tank info:  I have a laterite in the substrate, CO2 and about 2.3
> for 11 hours.  CH is about 5dH, total is about 6dh, pH 6.6 -6.7.  The area
> they are planted in is a larger grain gravel then ideal, about 5-6 mm3
> glosso is in a fine sandy "beach" area).  I use about 5 cc of Kent's plant
> supplement every other day.
> Final question, before I planted the chain swords and glosso, I pulled out
> lot of my h. polysperma and all the cabomba I had in the tank.  I don't
> think I had enough light for the cabomba to be happy and the hygro was
> growing way too fast and crowding out the light from the other plants.
> there any good stem / bunch plants I can put into the tank with the
> levels I have that will grow decently and not be as "rooty" as the hygro?
> don't have any red plants in this tank, as the red temple seemed to die
> below the red tops, so something with a little color might be nice.
> I've been thinking about changing the insides of the 30 watt NO strip
> into one 96 watt PC.  I have a 48" long strip fixture (even though it only
> has a 36" tube in it). This would boost my total light to 206 watts for 60
> gallons (3.4 watts/gal).  Would the AH supply 96 watt bright kit work?
> TIA,
> Tony