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Re: algae and Excel

I had the same experience adding excel to a stable planted tank that didn't have any supplementary carbon source before adding the excel. 

But I have to wonder if micro/macronutrient supplementing would have made a difference for me in preventing the algae outbreak (green hair and diatomic algae). Wouldn't an algae outbreak have occured if I'd instead injected CO2 instead of adding excel?

-- Stephen


> Perhaps that same growth pattern would have happened without 
> the Excel. 
> I can't tell, as it wasn't a controlled experiment.  Besides, 
> my little
> attempt at growing myriophyllum outdoors probably isn't a 
> good test for
> Excel.  The main problem in this bucket is that there's no circulation
> and a whole lot of light; conditions where a lot of plants will fail. 
> Just the same, I think the result I got with Excel were about the same
> as the results I could expect without it.
> Roger Miller