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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1219

> Subject: C02 System Advice.

I am using the marine monsters regulator. Works well and Edward is a
pleasure to deal with.
Bill Westbrook
Ottawa, Canada

> I am in Calgary, Canada.  I am tired of doing the yeast C02 thing.  I have
> looked at prices for three regulator/valve setups.  There is the Dave
> Gomberg setup although when I contacted him in the past he didn't seem
> on shipping to Canada (is that still true Dave?), the econo system from
> marine monsters and one from MOPS in Ontario (www.mops.on.ca).  They all
> seem to come with a single stage regulator and some type of fine control
> valve.  Are these good options. Would any of the experts mind commenting
> these options and which might be my best bet?  Thanks.