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Re: macrandra trimming

I had the same problem trimming Rotala macrandra
Martin is having.  I can't say I found the answer
either.  Trimming it less frequently helped, but what
I ended up doing was just winding up the bottom of the
stem and pushing it down behind something else.  I had
to do that a lot, because it grows really fast.  When
I finally took it out, I had stems 4 feet long.    

I can just get a pair of scissors and trim down
rontundifolia again and again, and it always comes
back just fine.  I believe Paul Krombholz (please
forgive me if I spelled your name wrong Paul!) said
something about the possibility of macrandra having a
problem taking up calcium after trimming.  

I would very much like to know the solution of this
problem!  macrandra is my favorite plant, but man, is
it fussy.  Please!  Let's have all macrandra keepers
speak up on this!  (water conditions, trimming
schedule, etc)

Thanks, Cavan    

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