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Re: regulators

Robert Paul H wrote re CO2 systems:
"Or you can get a complete system made for the aquarium called
Profistar by a german company that includes regulator, built in needle
valve, bubble counter,check valve, and a reactor, for $185.00"

That's not a bad deal assuming the tank holds at least 5 pounds CO2 at
850 psi at room temperature and the tank is tested and stamped per DOT
regs 3AA2015.

The Harbor Freight deal is about the same price if you don't mind the
wait that occurs with free shipping from Harbor freight:  DOT tested 12
pound (tare)steel tank (holds 5 net pounds CO2)=$69, regulator=$40;
from Thatpetplace or other such source: eheim diffuser (includes check
valve, tubing)=$30; from Swagelock: needle valve (optional)=$30 ==>
about $170

So under $200 (give or take shipping costs) is definitely a reasonable
target--especially if you are willing to use one or two cheap or low
end parts or some DIY work and avoid $90 reactors, $150 2 pound tanks,
or $200 regulators, etc.

Scott H.

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