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My Mangrove trees are here!!

    I wanted once again to thank everyone who offered their suggestions and 
advice to my questions about mangroves.  Yesterday I received my baker's 
dozen of Rhizophora mangle from Hawaiian Quality Fish 
(http://www.aloha.net/~hqf/) on Moloka'i in Hawai'i, and I heartily 
recommend them as a source for these plants.  The trees all had excellent 
root structure, healthy leaves, and arrived in great condition.  For only 
$3.50 per tree plus FEDEX shipping!!  And they answered all the questions I 
sent by e-mail, and sent me a reminder to follow the acclimation procedures 
along with the FEDEX tracking number.
    You may have your doubts by now, but I have no personal, professional 
or financial connections to Hawaiian Quality Fish other than I am one very 
happy customer.
Take care,
John Phillips