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Power Compact Flourescents

Thanks to all who replied to my request for
information regarding screw-in type power compact
flourescent bulbs.  Phillips and Sylvania are the two
'big name' manufacturers with suitable bulbs. 
Commercial Lighting and MaxLite are two smaller
companies with suitable bulbs.

I have found a local source selling 6500 K PCF bulbs
in 13, 20 and 27 watt 'spiral' bulbs for $9.00 each. 
I'll be picking some up this afternoon.  The compact
size and low first cost of these bulbs make them an
appealing option for tanks up to 30 gallons.  You only
need a way of securing them.  Their real benefit may
be in lighting odd shaped tanks, like cubes,
cylinders, corners and hexes.

The wood for my enclosure cost $8.00.  The sockets I
used cost $1.50/ea at my local warehouse joint.  I
used two, and have room for as many as four more. 
Mine were free--they were left by the previous

I now have a pine enclosure for the 20H, with soon to
be 54 watts of flourescent lighting, built and
installed for about $30.  Not bad--even by my tightwad
standards.  For another $10 to $20, I can add as much
as another 54 watts, and still have room for two more


What I might do is use a pair of sockets to add some
low wattage PCF bulbs with a 2700 K 'soft white'
temperature, just for taking pictures.

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