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Opinions on substrate and fertilizer choice

I am preparing the setup of my new 240 liter planted tank. The layout will
be Amano-style with the typical Amano plants (java fern, java moss, riccia,
glossostigma, etc.).

For the substrate, I have chosen for the Dupla approach: Duplarit G laterite
mixed with 1/3 of the gravel. Is this a good substrate for growing the
typical Amano plants? Any suggestions regarding this substrate?

I don't know yet which fertilizer I will be using, but I have already bought
the Duplaplant tablets which - according to the instructions - should be
added to the newly set up tank and with every water change... These
Duplaplant tablets should be combined with the daily liquid fertilizer
Duplaplant24... However, adding fertilizer every single day seems a little
bit too time consuming for me... So I am wondering if there are any
fertilizers which shouldn't be added daily, but weekly or bi-weekly instead.
And just to be sure: are the Dupla fertilizers any good?

What about the Tropica fertilizer? Should this be added daily? Is it a good
fertilizer? Does it have the same results as the combination of the
Duplaplant tablets and Duplaplant24 drops? Can it be combined with the Dupla
laterite substrate? And, finally... If I decide to use Tropica fertilizer
(with the laterite substrate), should I still add the Duplaplant TABLETS
together with the Tropica fertilizer, or will the Tropica fertilizer alone
be enough?

Many, many questions... I hope someone out there knows (some of) the

Davy Cleys
Belgium (Europe)