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Re: screw-in pc's

 Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 11:44:47 -0700 (PDT)
 From: David Luckie <davidluckie at yahoo_com>
 Subject: [none]
 If anyone knows of a screw in PCF bulb with color
 temps 4100 and higher, I'd appreciate some guidance. 
 Wattage isn't necessarily important:  I have room for
 as many as six bulbs in this hood, depending on size. 
 A source for the bulbs would be great to >>
Hi David, 
FWIW,I am currently using two of this type bulb on a 5.5 gal, they are 
Sylvania Dulux EL23W. Not really sure of the K rating, but the light is a 
pleasing white, and E. tennelus, riccia,and others are growing great under 
these bulbs. The drawback, however, is heat. You will need to ventilate your 
hood pretty well if you use these. Other than that, they work great, oh, and 
I got them at Lowe's.
Hope this helps,